Sayeed Saifuddin Al Hasani calls for boycotting french products in Muslim countries.


France has declared war against Muslims by insulting our beloved holy Prophet ﷺ
– Sayeed Saifuddin Ahmed Al Hasani

Expressing strong protest, condemnation over the state-sponsored insult toholy Prophet ﷺ in France, Sayeed Saifuddin Ahmed Al Hasani called for boycotting french products in Muslim countries.

On 26th October, 2020 participating at a human chain organised by Ahlul Bayet Foundation Bangladesh at National Presa Club in Dhaka to protest against the state-sponsored insult to holy Prophet in France, Sayeed Saifuddin Ahmed Al Hasani, the founder of Ahlul Bayet Foundation Bangladesh said that,

The French government is playing with fire.
By insulting beloved holy Prophet ﷺ they are hurting 200 million peace-loving Muslims.

They have declared war against Muslims in the name of freedom of expression. However, insulting any religion or religious personality does not fall under the freedom of expression.
Such perverted activities hinder inter-religious harmony and rises disunity and conflict. Which won’t be good for anyone. The French government must immediately stop this dangerous game and apologize to the Muslims.

He added that, Because of the disunity in the Muslim world, anti-muslims are bieng daring to speak against Islam, holy Prophet  & muslims.
Sayeed Saifuddin Ahmed Al Hasani said, therefore, it is time for Muslim countries to unite and build an Islamic common market.

He call on the United Nations to impose economic sanctions on France, who has been wreaking communal harmony and igniting fire of chaos.

Abul Kalam Azad, former SP Vice-president of Anjuman-e-Rahmania Mainia Maizbhandaria, Samsul Alam Bakul, joint secretary of Anjuman-e-Rahmania Mainia Maizbhandaria,  Mawlana Ruhul Amin Bhuiyan, publicity secretary, A.Ali Ahmad Nantu, Md. Ibrahim Mia Maizbhandari, joint-publicity secretary, Shah Muhammad Aslam Hussein, general secretary of Mainia Youth Forum, Kamruzzaman Harun, organizing secretary of Mainia Youth Forum delivered their speech at the human chain.

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