Biography of Sheikhul Islam Hazrat Syed Mainuddin Ahmed Al Hasani (Q)


Brief Biography of Hazrat Shahsufi Syed Mainuddin Ahmed Al Hasani Maizbhandari (Q)

Honorable 30th holy descendant of holy Prophet (P.B.U.H), Sheikhul Islam, former president of “World Ahley Sunnat Wal Jamat”, Hazrat Syed Mainuddin Ahmed Al Hasani Maizbhandari (R) was born on 10th February, 1938, 27th Magh,1344 BS, 9 Zihazz, 1356 hijri at Maizbhandar Darbar Shareef in Chattogram.

He’s the great grandson of the founder of Tariqa-e-Maizbhandaria, Hazrat Syed Ahmedullah Al Hasani Maizbhandari (Q), beloved grandson of famous sufi saint, Gausul Azam Hazrat Syed Gulamur Rahman Baba Bhandari (Q) and son of his father, Gause Zaman Hazrat Syed Abul Bashar Maizbhandari (R) & his mother Hazrat Syeda Jahanara Begum (R).

Alongside acquiring vast knowledge on Quran, Sunnah, Fiqah from his father and top scholars of Islam during his time, he passed from Agrabad Government Commerce College.

In 1959 he joined Habib Bank as a general manager. In that time, he was one of the first Bangladeshis to be appointed on that post in Habib Bank. He was a renowned businessman too.

But on 5th April, 1962 his father & Murshid,
Hazrat Syed Abul Bashar Maizbhandari (R) bestowed him with very special bayat-e-khas (Allegiance). This special bayet empowered him with belayet (spiritual strength), a divine power that works within a devotee to take him to the highest level of spirituality to immerse in the existence of the Creator himself. He had taken the responsibility of preaching Islam & Maizbhandari ideology worldwide.

He played very significant role during the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971.
According to renowned leaders from freedom fighers M.R. Siddiqui, Jahur Ahmed Chowdhury, Abdul Mannan & A.B.M. Mohiuddin Chowdhury, Hazrat Syed Mainuddin Ahmed Al Hasani Maizbhandari (R) was a patron, organizer, coordinator of the freedom fighters. Thousands of freedom fighters found safe shelter, food in Maizbhandar Darbar Shareef then. The Pakistani army attempted to kill him, but by the grace of Allah they couldn’t reach him.

In 1988 more than 10,000 renowned ulemas including some muftis and masheikhs elected Hazrat Syed Mainuddin Ahmed Maizbhandari (R) the president of “Ahle Sunnat Wal Jammat, Bangladesh” through a great Historical gathering at the Jamia Ahmadia Sunnia Madrasa ground. Some years latter he was also elected as the president of “World Ahley Sunnat Wal Jamat” too.

His life and activities in fact depicts his unflinching determination to create love among entire humanity. To him “Islam means peace, total peace. It is a religion of love. Love for Creator and his creation”.

His approach towards religion with love was well acclaimed in the international arena. The acclamation was exposed by the laurels that was conferred upon him.

He was given the title of “Sheikhul Islam” in 1997 by “International Association of Sufism (IAS)” for his great contribution for Islam.

On 28-31 August, 2000 he participated in “The Millennium World Peace Summit For Religious & Spiritual Leaders” at United Nations Headquarters in New York, USA.

During his speech at United Nations, Hazrat Syed Mainuddin Ahmed Al Hasani Maizbhandari (R) upheld the significance of “The Charter of Madina” to establish global peace.

It was a great historic moment when
he performed mawlid (Salat & Salam to holy Prophet (P.B.U.H)) at the prayer session of the conference. He is the first who performed mawlid at United Nations. The whole delegation stood up to show respect to our beloved holy Prophet (P.B.U.H)

On September 17-20, 2000 he participated in “International Workshop on Sufism & Religious Dialogue” in Uzbekistan organised by UNESCO. He was the chief speaker at the seminar on inter-religious dialogue & sufism.

He was given grand reception by
Taskhand Islamic University, Foreign Affairs & Religion Ministry of Uzbekistan, Governors of Samarkand & Bukhara province.

All his activities in the international arena did not go unnoticed by the world community. The National Council of Ghana and US based “Universal Islamic Centre” gave him the designation, “Worthy Grand Ambassador for Islam, Universal Peace, Reconciliation, Spiritual Uplift of Humanity International Award of the Decade for the year 2005.”

Syed Mainuddin Ahmed Maizbhandari is a name of a saint whose contribution to the human welfare and spiritual uplift is globally endorsed and acclaimed.

Hazrat Syed Mainuddin Ahmed Maizbhandari (R) is a symbol of heavenly love. His presence and guidance showed uncounted people the direction towards enlightened path. His work is the inspiration for the people who love to see the light of the truth in this life and hereafter.

He recieved the “Best Sufi Personality” award from present prime minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina in 2003 at a sufi conference organised by Bangladesh Sufi Majlish.

In country & abroad he has established over 2600 mosques & khankahs (Sufism practising centre), 40 hefzkhana, madrasa, schools & orphanages and many other Islamic, inter-religious harmony & social welfare related organisations.

“The Way Of Salvation” is one of his greatest works where he discussed, what is the purpose of human life, how to earn the satisfaction & vicinity of Almighty.
After keeping a revolutionary sign in the service of Islam he left the earth on 17th August, 2011, 2nd Bhadra, 1418 BS, 17 Ramadan, 1432 hijri.

Every year millions of his devotees gather in Maizbhandar Darbar from different parts of the world to celebrate his birth anniversary on 9th February & Urs Mubarak on 17th August.

He is one of the pioneers in Bangladesh to start holy Eid-e-Miladunnabi ﷺ celebration broadly.

He founded a large number of mosques, khankas, madrashas, orphanages, educational institutions, libraries and human welfare organisations and has kept his nonpareil sign in the service of Islam & humanity.

He has millions of devotees throughout the world. He has converted the darkness of people’s mind into the bright light. “We love everybody. By love you can bring people in the right way, by force you can’t do anything.” He was always used to saying this.

Some of his valuable words :

🌹 Islam means brimful peace. Its a religion of love. Love for the Creator and his creations.

🌹 The fundamental teaching of every religion is humanity

🌹 “We love everybody. By love you can bring people in the right way, by force you can’t do anything.”

🌹 Durud & Salutation to holy Prophet ﷺ is the way of salvation in this world and hereafter.

🌹 If the state observes holy Eid-e-Miladunnabi ﷺ with , there will be no poverty in the country.

May Allah give us ability to follow his footprints to earn the satisfaction and vicinity of Almighty Allah and his beloved holy Prophet ﷺ

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